Doc Rivers – Master Motivator 

In February, the Celtics played their only regular-season away game against the Lakers, eking out an 87-86 win at the Staples Center. After the game, coach Doc Rivers collected $100 from each player and coach, and then hid it in the visitors’ locker room. Rivers then told them “The only way you’ll get it back is if you come back here and get it”.

With no more games scheduled in LA, that meant the Celtics would have to make it all the way to the NBA Finals. Of course, the idea also assumed that the Lakers would make it to the Finals, which was by no means a sure thing. Nevertheless, things worked out, and now the Celtics have had a chance to retrieve their cash. They’re currently fighting the Lakers in the Finals, with the series tied up 1-1 and headed back to Boston.

Did $100 really serve as a motivator to players and coaches who earn millions of dollars? I don’t know, but I’d sure be pissed if my coach demanded I turn over $100.