Speaking of Animal Cruelty and Stupid Criminals 

Unlike the other story from today, this one isn’t funny by any stretch. Cathryn Washington left Delta, a fourteen year old yellow Lab, in a car during a 104-degree heat wave. After sweltering for over an hour, the dog ultimately perished. Washington had taken the dog from her husband after her marriage ended. Less than two weeks later, she caused the dog’s death.

What’s worth noting, however, is Washington’s harebrained behavior. She claims she popped into Costco to purchase dog food and other dog necessities, planning to return in just a few minutes. After being in the store for over an hour, she returned to find the dog dying from the heat. What she did after the dog expired indicates that this may well have been intentional:

After Cathryn returned to the vehicle, investigators say she went back inside the Costco and returned the dog food, bedding and treats she had purchased. At that point, she told Costco employees the dog was dead, authorities said.

The dog you shared custody of for fourteen years and took when you moved away dies, and the first thing you do is return her new dog treats? That is truly callous.