Solving The Golddigger Problem

If you haven’t heard Cee-Lo’s new single ‘Fuck You’, you will. To get in on this catchy-ass song and its deliciously vulgar chorus before it completely blows up, just have a listen. The preview video is simple, but stands on its own quite well. As you might expect given the name, the song is obviously NSFW – Not Safe For Work.

Cee-Lo's 'Fuck You'
That’s quite a chorus.

If you’ve already heard the song, however, you know it’s also NSFW in a different way – Not Safe For Whites, at least those of us who don’t want to toss out the N-word. After much thought, I’ve hit upon a solution for the “golddigger problem”:

  • Oh shit, she’s a gold lover.
    Just thought you should know, brother.

Use it when you inevitably find yourself singing this song in the car, belting it out in the shower, or serenading the mailman while flipping a magnificent double bird.