Life in the Minor Leagues 

Having recently seen a Double-A baseball game, I was fascinated to read this (quite long) article on the realities of playing minor league ball. While big leaguers make a minimum of $400,000 a year, and generally much, much more, minor leaguers average between a few hundred and a few thousand dollars a month, for just five months of the year.

This can lead to all manner of difficulties for the men pursuing their dream of playing in the big leagues. In fact, the Double-A minimum salary is just $1700, just below the average monthly unemployment payout is $1703.20. Players would make slightly more if they simply didn’t work at all.

With this in mind, it’s not hard to see why my fellow Tufts alumnus Randy Newsom attempted to sell futures in himself. Unfortunately, that plan was shut down and subsequently quite watered down.