Ol’ Salty

After a recent trade with Texas, Jarrod Saltalamacchia was added to the Boston Red Sox roster. While reading a RedSox.com article about the new addition, I spotted a confusing picture:

Photoshop Disaster

What on earth kind of a bat is he holding? Or, where is the rest of his bat? What the hell is going on? After staring at this for quite awhile, I finally watched the video it was linking to, and saw this frame:

Photoshop Disaster

Apparently, it’s a Photoshop disaster from removing the score overlay from the video.

While he has yet to reach his potential in the big leagues (and he played just three games with the Sox before being sidelined with a bizarre leg infection), Saltalamacchia does hold one record: longest last name in baseball history, at 14 letters. The record was previously held by 5 players who had 13-letter last names, including the ridiculously-named Tim Spooneybarger. Take a moment to chuckle at his ridiculous jersey:

Jarrod Saltalamacchia's ridiculous jersey
180° worth of name