Love in the Time of Anthrax 

The 2010 Ig Nobel prizes are set to be awarded tomorrow at Harvard, but one winner from 2009 is in the news ahead of the ceremony. Dr. Elena Bodnar has finally brought her product, the EB Bra, to market. When needed, the bra converts into two respiratory face masks. Have a look:

Woman and Man using the EB Bra
Love is…saving a life with your underwear.

From the FAQ

Why should I have an Emergency Bra instead of the bras I usually purchase?

The Emergency Bra can be the same as the bras typically purchased by women in terms of aesthetics, various sizes, colors, shapes and styles. However, in addition to this typical function, the bra can also serve the additional function of a personal protective respiratory device if necessary.…The question becomes why not purchase bras that serve the same purpose as any conventional bra, along with this extra important function.

Why not indeed!