Never Cut Off a 9-Year-Old on a Mountain Pass

Mount Washington is the highest peak in New Hampshire and features an 7.6 mile long roadway, known as the Mount Washington Auto Road. This road enables anyone with a decent car to drive to the mountain’s summit and experience great views along the way. Afterwords, your car can boast about the experience via a commonly-seen bumper sticker.

Nearby, there’s a large billboard aimed at enticing and directing visitors:

Sign for Mount Washington Auto Road
“On my summer vacation, I pointed a lot!”

The boy pictured is supposed to look amazed at what he’s seeing, but it seems more like he has a bad case of early-onset road rage.

Sign for Mount Washington Auto Road
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That’s much more fitting. The next step up is to modify the sign itself. As it’s just down the road from Story Land, a children’s theme park, a censored version is probably in order. Does anyone remember how many %#!’s are in ‘fuck’?