Never Cut Off a 9-Year-Old on a Mountain Pass

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

Mount Washington is the highest peak in New Hampshire and features an 7.6 mile long roadway, known as the Mount Washington Auto Road. This road enables anyone with a decent car to drive to the mountain’s summit and experience great views along the way. Afterwords, your car can boast about the experience via a commonly-seen bumper sticker.

Nearby, there’s a large billboard aimed at enticing and directing visitors:

Sign for Mount Washington Auto Road
“On my summer vacation, I pointed a lot!”

The boy pictured is supposed to look amazed at what he’s seeing, but it seems more like he has a bad case of early-onset road rage.

Sign for Mount Washington Auto Road
[Click to enlarge]

That’s much more fitting. The next step up is to modify the sign itself. As it’s just down the road from Story Land, a children’s theme park, a censored version is probably in order. Does anyone remember how many %#!’s are in ‘fuck’?

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