Hillary Clinton, Secretary of Comedy? 

Hillary Clinton recently went on Australian radio’s “Hamish & Andy Show”. Surprisingly, the interview she did is quite amusing. The whole transcript is worth a read (though far too many bits are “inaudible”), but the linked Politico post contains some of the best parts. For instance, upon receiving a bag of gravy-flavored potato chips:

QUESTION: Are you a collector of chips? Is this your first —

SECRETARY CLINTON: I am an eater of chips.

QUESTION: We recommend not. Use by — well, it was use by two years ago. So —

SECRETARY CLINTON: And you resealed the package?

QUESTION: No, no. This has never been opened.

QUESTION: They’re the last remaining sealed ones. If you try to eat them, technically that’s an assassination attempt by us.

“I am an eater of chips” is either completely oblivious, or a fabulous deadpan reply.