Amusing Search Clusters

Last month, we looked at amusing search terms which led hapless web surfers to this very site. In addition to individual terms, there are often groups of searches which comically lead to a specific page on this site.

For instance, take the following phrases:

  • ‘gorilla feet’

  • ‘opposable big toes’

  • ‘what could i wear to make myself look like a super hero’

All of these searches brought folks to a mildly helpful review of the Vibram Five Fingers.

After Burger King made their Brunch menu available nationally, many visitors wound up on this page discussing it. What searches brought them there?

  • ‘burger king short shorts’

  • ‘burger king commercial with hot blonde’

  • ‘Burger King commercial blonde with hose’

Ah, yes, her. Well gents, her name is Kelly Stables. Unfortunately for you, she’s married. If not for that, and the fact that you’re a creepy guy on the Internet, you’d totally have a shot!

Speaking of disgusting Net-enabled lechery, dozens of weird bastards searched for things like:

  • ‘sweaty cleavage’

  • ‘cleavage sweat’

  • ‘sweat models’

  • ‘sweaty model’

  • ‘sweaty foot models’

They were likely fairly disappointed by this search result.

Perhaps the best search cluster, however, involves the word ‘tsunami’. People search for all sorts of weird things relating to tsunamis, like:

  • ‘what are some tsunami features’

  • ‘tsunami in a box for kids’

  • ‘how to make a tsunami drink’

The best one so far, however, is this:

  • ‘Would a whale die in a tsunami?’

Honestly? That’s a great question.