Amusing Search Terms

One of the inspirations for One Foot Tsunami is the late/possibly-just-on-an-extremely-extended-hiatus Minor Tweaks. On the site, Tom Bartlett had a running feature wherein he’d peruse and respond to search terms which had led readers to his site. Like the idea of Reviewbombs before it, I’m borrowing this concept from Tom and hopefully making it enough my own to avoid being reviled and/or sued.

So, without further ado, random searches which have led folks to this very site:

‘disgusting tweets’
Finally, proof that this site’s running feature Barvd is providing a useful service!

‘good pin numbers’
Apparently, people really are looking for help on selecting a PIN. Another search which led someone to this helpful guide? ‘ATM PIN 80085’.

‘subconscious files’
This term links to the first post about Lindsay Lohan ever published on One Foot Tsunami. In that post, the word ‘subconscious’ was used as a noun, but this is more fun if you read ‘subconscious’ as an adjective. ‘Subconscious files’ – what the hell are those?

‘major league eating 2010 rookie of the year’
It’s more than a little embarrassing that this post is proving educational for the folks searching for this term.

‘kansas city royals pronunciation guide’
The aforementioned embarrassment is more than offset, however, by the fact that somewhere there is a person insisting to his friends that David DeJesus’ last name is pronounced “Duh-Jeez-Us”. You’re welcome, friends of that idiot!

As excellent as that is, an even greater accomplishment was revealed while perusing search results. Thanks to a much more famous Lohan-based post, when folks search Google for ‘Fudgie the Whale’, One Foot Tsunami is now on the very first page! It seems my childhood ice-cream-cake-mascot-related dreams are finally coming true.