Get the Clubs, Man! And Grab My Shoes! 

According to this story, police recently rescued a man named Michael Bold from his Chevy Trailblazer after it began to smoke. After spotting the smoke, Bold pulled over but was unable to exit the vehicle on his own. He saw a police car driving by, and decided to re-start his car and chase them down so they could assist. After the police pulled over with him, they helped Bold get out of the vehicle. Less than a minute later, the car exploded.

Obviously, the whole story is crazy, but it’s this line that gets me:

[Bold] said officers grabbed his golf clubs, golf shoes and briefcase out of the car for him, then they all ran from the vehicle.

Thank goodness they got the golf spikes out in time. But what was the fate of the change in his ashtray?

Also, “Trailblazer”? Ha.