Jeremiah Sadler’s Big Adventure

Following Monday’s link to Jeremiah Sadler’s crime spree, here is an estimated map and timeline for the events of February 1st, 2010:

Sadler's Map
[See the full map on Google Maps]

February 1st, 12:38 AM:
Steals a Ford Escort from Scampini Square in Barre, Vermont (A).

February 1st, 12:58 AM:
Ditches the Ford Escort and steals David Barber’s 2002 Subaru Impreza from Shady Tree Road in Warren, Vermont (B) (hidden behind (C)).

February 1st, shortly after 1:00 AM:
Breaks into Francis Faillace’s Subaru (C), then returns to the stolen Impreza. While being chased by Fallais, accelerates to 130 MPH on East Warren Road (D).

Shortly after, refuses to stop for a cop with lights and siren on Sugarbush Access Road in Warren (E). Loses control of the car and drives into a field, then takes off running, with a policeman following in pursuit.

During this foot pursuit, continues to enter unlocked cars and steal loose change.

February 1st, approximately 1:15 AM:
Runs to Upper Pines Road in Warren (F), 3/4 of a mile from where Barber’s stolen Subaru was left in the field. Steals a 1995 white Subaru Impreza belonging to 22-year-old Stacey Powers.

Continues stealing loose change from three other vehicles.

February 1st, approximately 1:30 AM:
Again came upon Faillace, on Moretown Mountain Road (G), crashes at the intersection of that road and Devil’s Washbowl and took off on foot again.

While running along Moretown Mountain Road, steals change and prescription medication from an unlocked vehicle.

February 1st, approximately 2:00 AM:
Finds an unlocked Kia Sephia with the keys in it. Drives same to Barre, crashing into a signpost on the way.

February 1st, approximately 2:15 AM:
Parks the stolen Sephia on Summer Street in Barre (H), walks to a friend’s apartment to “get some sleep after such a long night”.

February 1st, approximately 7:00 AM:
Finally caught by a police dog tracking his scent, Sadler confesses to taking the Kia and admits to other thefts.