Jane Corwin – Talking to Old People 

Jane Corwin is a New York State Senator now running for Congress in a special election. Unfortunately for her, she and her team are not entirely web-savvy. While they’ve set up a standard site at JaneCorwin.com, they neglected to purchase the .org variant of her name. Now JaneCorwin.org is host to a parody site, lampooning both Ms. Corwin and politics in general.

Since this site is likely to disappear eventually, I’ve grabbed a couple of my favorite images from it.

Talking To Old People
Jane Corwin – Talking to old people.

She Once Ate A Sandwich This Big
Jane Corwin – She once ate a sandwich this big.

As The Atlantic detailed, one of her opponents, Ian Murphy, is actually behind the parody site. It seems unlikely to help his campaign, but it is providing amusement for many.