You may have seen Cowboys.com recently, as it just emerged from a period of dormancy to become a gay dating website. To put it mildly, this is not likely to be what football fans are looking for when they punch in the address. Whether the current owners of the Cowboys.com domain are looking to pressure Jerry Jones’ Dallas Cowboys into paying for the domain or not, it is an amusing misdirect, and it’s definitely comical for one of the world’s most valuable teams to have failed to secure the domain for their name.

What’s been less well-covered is just how they failed to do so. The Dallas Cowboys had a chance to procure the name back in 2007, but reportedly blew it due to a misunderstanding in the bidding process.

Despite being declared the most valuable team in the world, Jones and his organization was bucked off the domain bronco in 2007 because of a price misunderstanding during an auction for the domain.DomainNameNews reports a Dallas Cowboys representative had the winning bid of “275″ in an auction for the domain in October 2007. But unknown to the winning bidder, that bid was in thousands and not singles.

The Cowboys balked at the high price tag and the domain was put up for auction again, which was won by a group led by Eric Rice for $370,000, DomainNameNews also reported.

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