Given that it was at least in part a massive publicity stunt put on by Red Bull, it’s likely you at least heard about Felix Baumgartner’s jump from 24 miles above the Earth. Still, if you missed it live (as I did), it’s worth seeing the recap. 1 Among other records and tests, Fearless Felix became the first human to break the speed of sound without mechanical help. While looking down on our planet from on high, Baumgartner had this to say:

“I know the whole world is watching now. And I wish the world could see what I can see. Sometimes you have to get up really high to understand how small you really are. I’m going home now.”

It’s not quite landing a rover on Mars, and the Red Bull name was plastered all over everything, but it truly was incredible nonetheless. Seeing Baumgartner kneeling in the New Mexico desert with his fists raised, I can’t help but be inspired just the same.

Baumgartner's Landing


  1. Archived, as always. ↩︎