Barvd: July 26th, 2011 Edition

It’s summertime, and the barvin’s easy. Another season has come, which means it’s once again time to check in with America’s favorite tweet tracker, Barvd (What’s Barvd?). Today’s theme is your disgusting genitals. To go along with this theme, Barvd is now featuring bigger, more in-your-face tweet images.

Free idea:

Hey sickos, you’re in luck – the domain is currently still available!

Either my gym shorts are too short or my pubes are too long.

When Chris Clark is at the gym, “Hey, can you spot me?” takes on a sickening new meaning.

So, my doctor had to postpone my pap smear bc she broke her elbow. I wasn't thinking she'd use her ELBOW, but um, ok. (gulp.)

If you’re a grammarian, you might find the shorthand here nauseous. Since @mrsmoltz is a former reporter, however, she gets a pass. The idea of a doctor being in up to her elbow, however, does not.

If you're not the front of the human centipede, the scenery never changes.

If you don’t know what a human centipede is, consider yourself lucky. If you do, well, you’re probably thinking that that’s not really genital-related. It’s close enough.

My friend said "I have sweat in all of my vag folds"... Ahhhh, and suddenly my problems don't seem so bad.

One Foot Tsunami already gets a lot of no-doubt-disappointed traffic for sweaty models. I guess now we’re going to get traffic for “sweaty vaginas” too, so thanks for that, @CozyMolar.

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