Seen On The iPhone, August 2011 Edition

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

Over the years, my various iPhones have displayed all manner of stupidness, and it’s not just from release notes. Here’s a fresh batch of dumb crap. We’ll start with the sign-up page for Gogo in-flight wireless Internet access:

Gogo Screenshot

That checkmark is actually an active checkbox control. Tapping it turns it off (preventing their marketing mail from being received), but it sure doesn’t look like a tappable control. Of course, that’s likely exactly what Gogo was hoping for, since they turned it on by default.

Speaking of undesired contact, do you ever receive text spam on your phone? I’d long assumed responding was pointless, until I saw this trick online and tried it myself:

Text Spam Screenshot

Believe it or not, that was successful, and not just at venting my frustration. My hope is that a human actual saw this, and died a little inside, but just getting off their list is really enough.

Looking for fun this Fall? That happy-go-lucky witch-killing town of Salem, Massachusetts, has become quite the tourist destination around the upcoming Halloween season. The cottage industry of ghost stories and the like has even spawned an iPhone app, one which receives updates automatically:

Ghosts Did It Screenshot

Ghosts make a decent fall guy when something bad happens, but why give credit to them for work which will actually be appreciated?

Meanwhile, I often read news articles on my iPhone. However, I almost never want to be routed to a mobile site, so it seemed nice to be asked what I’d like in this instance. However, the need for a ridiculous look-up table to determine the right course of action really undermines the usability here:

Decipher This Screenshot

Finally, while trying to access my Sharebuilder account last week to frantically sell off all my stocks before they stopped being worth even the paper they’re no longer printed on, I got this gem:

Funny, I Didn't Expect My Stockbroker To Be So Glib Screenshot

Funny, I didn’t expect my stockbroker app to be so damned glib.

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