Headline Review: November 2nd, 2011 Edition

Headlines aren’t always dumb – sometimes, they’re amusing. Such was the case for this puntastic article:

Moving Horses Long Distances Makes Them Faster as Scientists Discover ‘Jet Nag’

Apparently, horses get the opposite of jet lag, which makes me wish I were more like a horse. I’d probably regret that decision the first time I sprained an ankle though.

Other times, headlines are so badly in need of editing that it results in hilarity:

Anti-Wall Street Protesters March From NYC to San Francisco

Wow, a march from New York City all the way to San Francisco? That will be an incredibly journey, and a fascinat-oh, it’s distinct marches, in multiple cities? Well that’s just terrible writing.

This, however, is wonderful:

Letter ‘G’ Goes Missin at Scrabble Championship

[Sic]. Fantastic.