Headline Review: August 31st, 2012 Edition

It’s time for another look at headlines, and we’ve got some doozies today.

First up, news from the tennis world:

Roger Federer’s Backhanded Complimenting Is in Peak Form

All those years of practice and training are finally paying off!

Next up, a story related to an earlier feature on ram groping:

Iceland’s Best Ram Gropers Awarded with Semen

This raises the obvious question: What exactly do the worst ram gropers get?

Speaking of disgusting semen, there’s this:

Shia LaBeouf: I’ll Have Sex for Real in ‘Nymphomaniac’


You likely need a chaser for that one, so try this one for size:

Thief Who Broke Into Steve Jobs House Gave Stolen iPad to Clown

Now that’s how you write a headline!