The Name ’Machine Gun Kelly’ Might Have Been a Tip-Off 

At their Atlanta-area retail store, Microsoft hired artist Machine Gun Kelly to perform. It did not go well.

MGK was clearly angered at Microsoft’s decision to cut his music, telling staff “I’m not getting down” before demanding them to “play that shit.”

The video captured shows the performance getting shut down, though for my money, the computer stomping is not visible enough.

And a hat tip to Very Nice Website for the link.

Update (October 3rd, 2012 at 4:30 PM): An update on The Verge’s article indicates Microsoft has stated that this was a private event put on by The Source, using the store as a venue. While Microsoft seems to be using this fact as a way of distancing themselves from the incident, loaning your store out to The Source might actually be an even stupider move than just hiring the guy yourself.