Kaboom Goes The Walking Stick 

Today’s story comes via reader submission from Jessica C., who knows just what type of absurdity belongs on OFT.

It seems that a bomb scare in Akron can be traced back to one oddly named man: “Natural Hunka Kaboom”. After Mr. Kaboom forgot his homemade walking stick in Akron City Hall, it rightly frightened the public officials who noticed it. After discovering the stick, workers thought it might be a pipe bomb, and City Hall was evacuated.

Kaboom's Walking Stick
The Walking Stick in Question

You might wonder about the kind of person who would have such a name, and such a walking stick. Let’s just say Mr. Kaboom might be a touch…eccentric:

Mr. Kaboom Himself
Mr. Kaboom Himself

As for Mr. Kaboom’s unusual moniker, it has been his legal name since 2009, and he says it comes from the traditional Polish name “Kaboomski”, of course.