Limited-Time Offer

Long-time One Foot Tsunami readers know that when mailing a package, stamps may well be optional. Nevertheless, when the beleaguered US Postal Service shows a sample of a stamp on their site or in their branches, they mar some part of it to prevent counterfeiting. For example, here’s an image of their $1 Wisdom stamp:

Wisdom Sample

With the $1 mark crossed out, any possible attempt to rip off the post office is completely foiled, because it would require some truly dark sorcery to remove that strike-thru. What about Forever stamps1, however? There, the USPS has opted to cross off the word “Forever” for security purposes. That leads to a disturbing bit of incongruity with their “Four Flags” set2:

Four Flags Sample

America: While supplies last?


  1. Such as last year’s still-ridiculous faux Statue of Liberty stamp. ↩︎

  2. Here’s a screenshot of the USPS page. ↩︎