The Flavo(u)rs of Molton Brown

On a recent stay at a nice inn, I found the bathroom stocked with fancy bath products by Molton Brown. Let me tell you, in both appearance and name, they sounded delicious. See for yourself:

Molton Brown Products

The Flavo(u)rs of Mo(u)lton Bro(u)wn Bath Products, in Increasing Order of Likelihood That I Would Eat Them

  • Healthy Ziao Jao Hairwash

  • Relaxing Yuan Zhi1 Body Cream

  • Instant Indian Cress Haircondition [sic]

  • Invigorating Suma Ginseng Bath & Shower [sic]

  • Freshmint Mouthwash

  • Ultra Pure Milk Soap

  • Soothing Milk & Oatmeal Soap

And yet, the mouthwash is the only one of these items with a “Do Not Swallow” warning.


  1. Presuming they mean this Yuan Zhi:

    Yuan Zhi root

    which is a root also known as “senega”.

    As opposed to this Yuan Zhi:

    The human Yuan Zhi

    who is a Chinese volleyball player. ↩︎