52,000 People Can Be Gross 

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

Up in Canada’s Yukon Territory, in the town of Dawson City, there’s clearly not a lot to do. Consuming a drink featuring a severed human toe is one thing that is, or rather was, on the menu.

The local tradition of downing drinks containing a severed digit, gnarled and leathery like a stale pepperoni stick, hearkens back to the early 1970s, when a river barge pilot named Captain Dick Stevenson founded the “Sourtoe Cocktail Club.”

I’m not sure which is more disgusting, the toe itself, or the fact that it’s placed in dozens of drinks (albeit alcoholic) each night. Regardless, the Sourtoe Cocktail Club won’t be admitting any new members for a time, while a new toe is located. What happened to the old one? A recent patron swallowed it.

There’s only one word for this whole mess: Barvd.

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