This Man Has Just Set a World Record for Most Game Show Episodes Hosted by the Same Presenter (One Show) 

To use a tired device employed just about any time someone writes about “Jeopardy!”, the question to accompany this post’s headline is “Who is Alex Trebek?”. Surprisingly, however, the headline could also have been “This man apparently drinks a lot more than you’d expect”. The New Republic had a piece on the formerly-mustachioed game show host, and it’s more amusing (and more soused) than anticipated.

Trebek has built his career on an air of erudition. But offscreen he is equally invested in a second persona, one that colleagues say has emerged more in recent years. This other Trebek is “much less of a ‘Masterpiece Theater’ guy,” is how a staffer puts it. “He’s more of a getting-his-hands-dirty guy.”

So…[Trebek]…takes pride in noting that he was almost kicked out of boarding school as a boy. He sometimes brags about his breakfast of Snickers and Diet Pepsi and likes to talk about the rec-league hockey games he suited up for with Dave Coulier (the “Full House” star who was not John Stamos, Bob Saget, or an Olsen twin). He has had two heart attacks but sums up his current exercise regimen as “I drink.”

As the article reveals, Trebek also suffers from insomnia, and can often be found in the wee hours of the morning “working out”.