Which Do You Prefer: Concast or Comcrap? 

Thursday, December 11th, 2014

In entirely unsurprising news, Comcast has been hosing its customers in yet another way, turning the modem/routers they rent out into publicly-accessible wireless hotspots. This can have the effect of slowing down the paying customer’s connection, while simultaneously increasing their power bill.

Around the time of Comcast’s initial announcement, Speedify, a company that analyzes Internet connections, tested Comcast’s equipment to determine its electricity consumption compared to standard equipment. “Based on our tests,” the company stated on its website, “we expect that by the time they roll it out to all of their subscribers, Comcast will be pushing tens of millions of dollars per month of the electricity bills needed to run their nationwide public Wi-Fi network onto consumers.” Comcast asked the company to re-do the tests on a newer version of the router and the results, Speedify said, were even worse.1

Also worth noting, Comcast is about to jack the price up 25% for rented cable modems. In a little over five years, that price has shot up from $3 a month to the new price of $10 a month. If you currently rent a cable modem from Comcast, you should definitely consider purchasing your own (like this Motorola SB6121), rather then renting Comcast’s overpriced crap. Within a few months, you’ll have paid it off in the savings alone.


  1. Speaking of things getting worse, Comcast’s new X1 system is perhaps even slower than their old cable boxes. If you haven’t yet upgraded your cable box, don’t get your hopes up. ↩︎

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