The UK’s Most Disappointing New Visitor Attraction 

Friday, August 21st, 2015

I’ve always found guerrilla artist Banksy interesting enough, particularly when selling his own pieces as fakes. However, his new creation is really something else. Over in England, he’s created a dystopian theme park named Dismaland, and it’ll be open to the public for the next month. Christopher Jobson reports in detail:

The event has all the hallmark details of a traditional Banksy event from a shroud of ultimate secrecy (the event area was plastered in notices designating it as filming location for a movie titled Gray Fox) to general themes of apocalypse, anti-consumerism, and anti-corporate messages. However there’s one major deviation: the emphasis of Dismalanded is largely on other artists’ work instead of Banksy himself.

This trippy piece alone is enough to make me jealous of those who can go:

Ariel, Sort Of
Do not adjust your eyeballs.

I have to imagine Disney’s lawyers will be all over this whole thing. Heck, the park even bans them (“The following items are strictly prohibited: knives, spray cans, illegal drugs, and lawyers from the Walt Disney corporation.”). If you have a chance to go, it definitely seems worth it.

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