Hell of a Shot 

A hunter in Norway managed to shoot not one, but two moose, with a single bullet. The only thing more impressive than the shot is the fact that he shot them in a zoo.

Hunting is popular in Norway but strictly regulated. According to the Norwegian Environment Agency, hunters must be over 16 and skilled in handling firearms, and Norwegian residents must take a proficiency test before hunting for the first time.

Perhaps they need to add a “knowing when you’re in a zoo” section to the test. Either way, the zoo now needs to replace their lost moose, at great expense.

“We have to buy two new moose, the cost of the vet, autopsy, transportation and destruction,” he said. A moose costs about 30,000 Krone ($3,500) to buy, he added.

Wait, 3500 bucks? That seems like an awfully cheap moose. At that price, I can’t afford not to buy a moose. I dunno where I’m gonna keep the damned thing, but it’s just such a bargain.