Things I Learned About Dog Treats

Speaking of that dog, I learned some truly disgusting things while watching his furry butt recently.

  • Many dogs enjoy a treat known as a “bully stick”, which appears to be a bone, or some sort of jerky. Previously, these treats had been in a plain Ziploc bag, but they are in fact sold in proper packaging, by places like Petco.

    A package of Bully Sticks

  • In addition to “bully sticks”, said packaging also refers to these treats as “steer sticks”. Hmm.

  • The ingredients list the item as “beef pizzle”. Beef…pizzle…? Is that…is that a penis?!

  • That’s totally a penis! Jesus! Also, “beef” is a kind of meat. This is a bull pizzle, though the attempt at obfuscation is understandable.

  • The warning label on this treat is horrifying on so very many levels:

    Warning label which reads This is a pet chew. Not intended for human consumption. Always supervise your pet while chewing–remove any small, broken or splintering pieces to minimize the risk of choking hazard or gastrointestinal blockage. If chew becomes wet, some color transfer may occur. Feeding on upholstry or carpeting is not recommended. Provide fresh water to your pet at all times. Wash hands throughly before and after handling product.

  • To put it frankly, chewed bull penis mixed with dog saliva does not smell very good.