Kentucky Fried Creepers

Friday, March 4th, 2016

Recently, comedian Jim Gaffigan started appearing in KFC commercials as the newest iteration of the Colonel. After seeing one of these ads during the Super Bowl, I tweeted a joke:

I figure @JimGaffigan did that KFC ad for free. 'Will there be actual fried chicken on set? Great, I'll be there.'
Come on, the man has a book called “Food: A Love Story

It was only much later that I realized that shortly after tweeting, I’d accidentally engaged with a brand! Yes, KFC replied:

Yeah, anyone would do an ad for my fried chicken, but who is this Jim guy?

I was greatly amused by this, but I’m also curious just how it happened. Was KFC stalking mentions of @JimGaffigan? Or are they searching for “KFC” itself? Either way, an affirmative answer is rather disturbing.

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