Kentucky Fried Creepers

Recently, comedian Jim Gaffigan started appearing in KFC commercials as the newest iteration of the Colonel. After seeing one of these ads during the Super Bowl, I tweeted a joke:

I figure @JimGaffigan did that KFC ad for free. 'Will there be actual fried chicken on set? Great, I'll be there.'
Come on, the man has a book called “Food: A Love Story

It was only much later that I realized that shortly after tweeting, I’d accidentally engaged with a brand! Yes, KFC replied:

Yeah, anyone would do an ad for my fried chicken, but who is this Jim guy?

I was greatly amused by this, but I’m also curious just how it happened. Was KFC stalking mentions of @JimGaffigan? Or are they searching for “KFC” itself? Either way, an affirmative answer is rather disturbing.

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