So Much Spray-Tan

I don’t generally pay a lot of attention to my Twitter follower count, but I recently noticed that it had increased by quite a bit overnight. My curiosity piqued, I popped over to the page showing my followers to see just what was going on. There, I beheld quite the spectacle. Here’s a sample of my new followers:

A sampling of the body builder bots
Did it just get hot up in here? Or at least really, really greasy?

Yes, I’m currently now being followed by row after row of bodybuilder bots, replete with amazingly terrible user names, stolen profile pictures, and first initials followed by relatively common last names. Initially there were 32 of them, though I appear to have lost one, which leaves me wondering just how I offended you, @ConwayMaizie.

Of course, as P Haas has rightly noted, everyone wants to gain muscle and/or build mass. I’m no exception, but now I’m having difficulty choosing which of these many guaranteed systems I should use.