Engaging With Brands: Super Bowl LI Edition

I hope you’re not too worn out after the advertising bonanza that accompanied the Super Bowl last night, because it’s once again time to engage with brands! Today, we have a truly ridiculous follow-up to October’s post, which including some unintentional brand engagement with Kia.

When that brief Twitter conversation with Kia concluded, I assumed we were done. As such, I was surprised to see this tweet over two months later:

I actually fell off of Twitter back in November, so it was only by chance that I even saw this. Nevertheless, I was intrigued, so I sent a message to see what was up. This was their reply:

We really appreciate your support of the Kia Sorento Tecmo campaign starring Bo Jackson and Brian Bosworth. We have a pair of limited edition Tecmo gloves we’d love to send you as a thank you. If you send us an address and your size preference (M or L), we will do our best to accommodate it. Thanks again.  
- Your friends at Kia.

Apparently, just mentioning their ad constitutes “supporting” the campaign, despite the fact that I was also taking a cheap shot at the brand. But sure, why not get some free Tecmo gloves? Beyond that fact that I have no idea what the hell size gloves I wear, anyway. But hey, I’ve loved Tecmo Super Bowl for decades, so I sent Kia my information.

Shortly before the Super Bowl, a small package arrived from Kia. When I tore into it, I found this sweet card:

Hey, that’s me!

Man, I am spiking the hell out of that football, in a fashion that seems certain to dent the Kia. The back of the card had an explanation for what else I’d find in the package.

Yes, despite the fact that I tweeted way back in October of 2016, and didn’t mention their hashtag nor their username, I was given a token of gratitude “for the 2017 #KiaTecmo campaign”. And despite the fact that the commercials center on two-sport star Bo Jackson, Kia decided to make gloves featuring NFL flop and supporting character Brian Bosworth. Here’s Boz in all his 8-bit glory:

8-bit Bosworth

It’s exactly what no child ever dreamed of, let alone any adult! I don’t really play much organized football these days, and wearing gloves in a pickup game would be more than a little odd, so I have no idea what I’ll do with these. But hey, at least they sort of fit (I probably should’ve taken the large).

The whole package

Perhaps I’ll wear these while riding my decidedly non-Kia motorcycle. But even if they’re good for nothing else, at least I can share them for a laugh with you, dear reader.