Laughter Is the Best Medicine

On Monday evening, Cleveland Indians manager Terry Francona left the ballpark early due to illness, eventually finding his way to the hospital. A series of tests turned up nothing serious, though Francona did take Tuesday off. As a result, the team issued a short press release, reprinted here in its entirety. Emphasis has been added.

Terry Francona was evaluated at the Cleveland Clinic by a team of doctors last night and into this morning. After undergoing a series of tests, the doctors have ruled out any major health issues at this point. He will continue to be monitored over the next several weeks to determine the nature of his recent symptoms.

Mr. Francona also wanted to express that medical personnel have not yet ruled out an allergy to Bench Coach Brad Mills.

Mills will manage the club tonight and Francona is expected to return to normal duties tomorrow, Wednesday, June 28. “Tito” is spending the remainder of the day at his residence.

Using an official team press release to zing your long-time friend and colleague, who also happens to be the guy stuck covering for you at work? That’s good stuff.