Put That Golf Cart in Some Rice

I love this story of a city employee in Columbus, Georgia, who took a golf cart on her smoke break. The cart wound up in the river, and the woman eventually found herself justly terminated. The best part, however, is the photo accompanying the story.

Golf cart in river

I didn’t realize what this was at first, but it eventually clicked that this is the roof of the golf cart, barely protruding from the water. Look closer, and you can see the full cart in its watery resting place. This hilarious image shows me two things:

  1. The depth of the water appears to perfectly match the height of the golf cart.1

  2. This woman got some distance off the shore!


  1. I considered the possibility that the cart isn’t actually resting on the bottom of the river. It seems unlikely, but perhaps the roof is keeping it afloat. A search for information didn’t turn up anything definitive, but I did find plenty of other golf carts in the water.↩︎