Taking Them to My Grave

At the beginning of this month, Curbed Boston put out a call asking for the “best hacks for surviving Boston’s transit hubs”. I watched this article, and was amused to see that it had no comments whatsoever. After a time, I left what is now the lone comment, which you can read below.

I’ve been watching this post since it went up, and I absolutely love that there are precisely zero helpful comments on it (and at present, zero period, until mine goes up). We’ve all spent years working and lucking our way into great travel hacks for this city. Why would we just give this information away for free, potentially ruining its utility?

No thank you. I’ll swear a lawyer to secrecy, and bequeath my best travel hacks to my heirs. Perhaps I’ll whisper them on my death bed, but I won’t reveal them a moment before that.

In other words, you can have my travel hacks when you pry them from my cold, dead hands.