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Cockroach milk is almost certainly not the next superfood trend.

Could cockroach milk be the next superfood? God, I hope not. But it is, apparently, not just ground up cockroaches.
“the Pacific beetle cockroach…actually gives birth to live young. The milk-like substance is what the mothers feed to their young and researchers of the study pointed out that the protein-rich crystals found in the milk are practically complete food.”
That sounds gross, but then, so does cow’s milk if you really think about it. Still, cows are far more palatable to the average person than cockroaches.
The potential new trend, however, might not find it easy to take off. For one thing, people might not be too keen on drinking insect milk. What’s more, even its producers admit that it’s not very easy to harvest cockroach or insect milk. More importantly, in 2016, researchers also stated that they had no evidence to prove that the said milk is safe for human consumption. So what might be a superfood to insects, might not be for humans.
Alright, so there are still a few hurdles to clear. It’s disgusting, it’s hard to harvest, and it might not even be potable. Still, I say we as humanity can do it. If we can put Neil Armstrong on the moon, we can make our fellow man drink cockroach excretions.