In Service To His Health

Thank you for your sacrifice, Mr. President.

While reading an article on the Mueller probe, I stumbled upon a fully formed joke. It needs no setup, and requires no punchline. Please, enjoy:

[Trump and Giuliani] huddled for five hours May 6 at Trump National Golf Club in Virginia…eating a Cobb salad (Giuliani) and a well-done burger (Trump) with half a bun in service to his health.

In service to his health, the President of the United States is sacrificing half the bun from his well-done hamburger. I could just repeat that over and over. “In service to his health…half the bun on his hamburger”. “In service to his health…half the bun on his well-done hamburger”.

Perhaps you think I’m going crazy. I won’t disagree. Perhaps you think that this joke needs a kicker. Amazingly, one is provided. Here’s a direct quote from Trump’s lickspittle Rudy Guiliani:

“I do that, too, sometimes,” Giuliani said about the half-bun. “It’s a good way to do it.”