Not So Happy 

Just brutal!

“Happy Place” is a traveling “pop-up experience” that’s recently opened in Boston. From their FAQ description:

We are a massive pop-up experience in Boston that is filled with smiles, laughs, one of a kind installations, multi-sensory immersive rooms, and a whole lot of selfie moments that you don’t want to miss!

Sure, that sounds vapid, probably pointless, and perhaps even like the boiled-down essence of everything that’s wrong with social media, but it might still be fun. Let’s see what the Boston Globe thinks about this attraction, which by the way costs $32.50 per person after fees:

So this is hell. That’s the thought that kept rumbling in the back of my mind as I made my way through the slapdash innards of “Happy Place,” a grotty, tacked-together funhouse tailored to the Instagram set.

The full takedown is well-worth a read, but suffice it to say that Murray Whyte is not a fan. I suppose the headline of “‘Happy Place’ comes to Boston, and it’s hell” should have been a tip-off.