Love & Whiskies 

Their tails are just so awful!

Do you love rats? Sure, we all do. If you’re in San Francisco and have $49.99 to spare, take some time this week to check out the Rat Bar. For three days only, or until the Health Department shuts them down, you can drink among the rats.

This picture is not going to sell folks on the concept.

I urged a friend who lives in the city to get in there, stating that I’d check it out if I could. She retorted “that’s just what people who aren’t in the vicinity of a rat bar say to people who are in the vicinity of a rat bar”. The skepticism is not unwarranted, but long-time readers may remember that I’m in good with the rats, thanks to my pal Mojo.

Alas, I’m a continent away. Still, if you drop my name at the door, I’m sure the rats will get you fixed up just right.