Lucky Devil Eats 

People are still going to fight over who answers the door.

With restaurants around the world no longer permitted to have eat-in patrons, many have switched to providing take-out and delivery. Meanwhile, the Lucky Devil Lounge strip club of Portland, Oregon has had to shut down entirely.1

In an effort to help their employees earn income, the owners of Lucky Devil decided to create their own local food delivery service, with strippers making scantily-clad deliveries. They named it “Boober Eats”, and predictably, it got some lawyers busy.

While the company has opted not to fight to keep the name, the service is continuing, under the temporary name “Lucky Devil Eats”.

“We’re working on retaining a similar name,” he explains. “My friends are chiming in now online. A buddy has said, ‘Steak and Legs,’ ‘Peels on Wheels,’ ‘Pole Mates,’ ‘Porn Grub.’ There’s every single euphemism out there for boobs and butts.”

Some of those names are actually even better.


  1. The venue has been clothed since March 17th. ↩︎