Train Wrecking 

Stupidity is increasing, and it's bad for us all.

In California, a train engineer has admitted to deliberately running a train off the tracks near the USNS Mercy hospital ship, in an apparent attempt to…well, it’s not entirely clear. Almost certainly, it involves some sort of conspiracy theory though.

In his first interview with Los Angeles port police, Moreno acknowledged that he “did it,” saying he was suspicious of the Mercy and believed it had an alternative purpose related to COVID-19 or a government takeover, the affidavit states.

The Mercy was brought in to help treat non-COVID-19 patients, as a way of reducing the strain on the local health care system. Unfortunately, conspiracy theorizing has found tremendous new life in Donald Trump’s America, and it’s bad for us all.

On a related note, who knew “train wrecking” was a federal crime?