I Actually Probably Don’t Want to Know 

I'm not sure which would be worse, using the microwave or the oven.

In local Boston news, a man and his snake have been reunited after being separated for an entire year. Venkman the corn snake slithered away from Gene Atwood’s home last May, traveling to parts unknown, before ultimately winding up in the undercarriage of someone’s car.

About a year ago I failed at locking the enclosure, and he managed to escape. I spent months searching the house and leaving out little treats (WARM DEAD MICE ON LITTLE PLATES), AND never had any sign of his existence. the enclosure was very close to the eaves of the attic so i always figured he got in there and perished in the fiberglass insulation or something. … I had heard stories of snakes showing up after being lost for a year or more, but it is honestly, truly bewildering.

How exactly did Atwood warm the dead mice? On second thought, never mind. Let’s embrace the mystery.