That Was Yesterday

By 2021, I hope to be able to spell “Adejuyigbe” without looking it up.

Too late did I realize that yesterday was September 21. As a result, I was unable to share this joyous holiday with you. That’s OK! We can still have a belated celebration, with the latest video from Demi Adejuyigbe.1

In 2020, it’s not safe to use a children’s choir or a mariachi band, but Adejuyigbe adapted in wonderful, over-the-top fashion. And that initial reveal? 👨‍🍳💋

Jubilant as this may all seem, like others before him, Demi has felt the burden of expectations when it comes to producing something year after year. In the hopes of staving off the need to do this again next September, he chose to hold 2021’s video hostage in the best way, requiring at least $50,000 in charitable contributions via Adejuyigbe clearly should have set the bar higher, as it only took a few hours for we supporters to blast past that goal. Nevertheless, you can (and should) still donate. In the meantime, I’ve marked my calendar for 2021, so I don’t miss out.


  1. As usual, archived here. ↩︎