Mouse-Shaped Fake Chicken

“Incogmeato” is a delightfully bad name.

As a vegetarian for over two decades, I’ve long been a big fan of fake meats. Even when they have their problems, they’re generally easy to cook and useful as substitutes in recipes. Lately, they’ve also been getting quite a bit tastier.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve been happy to see tremendous growth in the plant-based food market. Despite this growing popularity, however, I didn’t anticipate entertainment companies getting involved. And yet, they have:

A package of Mickey Mouse Shaped Chik'n Nuggers from Morningstar Farms

Yes, it is apparently now possible to purchase Disney-branded Mickey Mouse-shaped fake chicken nuggets. At least, I think it’s fake chicken. The logo seems to feature an actual chicken disguising itself as a fancy human, replete with bowler hat, monocle, and luxuriant mustache. That’s rather confusing, as it seems to be implying this is real meat from a chicken, and they’re merely pretending it’s plant-based. Whatever is really happening here, I think I’ll pass on a food endorsed by a cartoon rodent.