Donald Trump’s Attempted Murder of American Democracy

Donald Trump's dangerous nonsense must be emphatically rejected.

It’s been a long week for America, and for the world. Though we’re not through the darkness yet, things are now trending toward an end to the nightmare that is the Trump presidency. As a result, that scared, sad, angry little man made an attempt on the life of American democracy yesterday. Rather than accepting defeat, he’s trying to salt the earth by spreading lies and encouraging discontent and uncertainty. To do this, he spoke from the White House press briefing room last night, spending a quarter hour babbling nonsense, just a string of utter trumpery. His words were so utterly bereft of truth that the networks cut away, rather than allowing his toxic lies to spread. I say bravo.

If you saw any of Trump’s tantrum, you know exactly how pathetic it was. If you missed it, you’re better off. Rather than link to it, you might consider watching a different 15 minute video. In Stephen Colbert’s opening from last night’s Late Show, he does a tremendous job of letting raw emotion express his feelings. It’s well worth a watch, and included this:

We’re not going to show you a second of what that sad, frightened, fraud said tonight. Because it’s poison, and I like you. He can suck silence.

I wish the media had done much more of this during Trump’s rise to power. At the very least, they can start doing it now, as his presidency rapidly wanes.

About five minutes in to Colbert’s video, he quoted the Latin phrase ”Qui tacet, consentire videtur”: Who is silent, gives consent. While Donald Trump should be silenced, the rest of us need to loudly reject the delusions of Donald Trump. That includes Republicans like Mitch McConnell, who had at that point declined to comment. McConnell has seldom been accused of doing the right thing, but now, it’s in his self-interest to put the sanctity of our system above the ego of Donald Trump. Without the position regrettably provided to him by American democracy, McConnell would be nothing. He, and everyone, must reaffirm the belief that the bedrock of American democracy is free and fair elections, and that every vote should be counted.

It’s a very small thing for this site to speak out against Donald Trump’s disgusting attempt at killing American democracy, but I want to be firmly on the record. Donald Trump’s remarks from the White House briefing room last night were unacceptable and must be roundly rejected. Anyone who refuses to say so should be rejected as well.

There are many, many problems in America, and removing Donald Trump isn’t going to fix everything. It is, however, a necessary step to any progress we might hope to make. The best time to oppose Donald Trump was five years ago. The second-best time is today. His horrific actions last night should make that clear to any thinking human.