Wireless Networking Snake Oil 

Sometimes I wish I lacked the moral fiber that stops me from taking advantage of rubes.

Very foolish people are apparently buying “router shields” to “protect” their wireless routers from 5G1, and it’s more than a little hilarious.

The drama comes in when buyers realize that either:

(A) Their router guard works precisely like a real Faraday cage, blocking their wireless internet just as advertised (!)

(B) Their router guard isn’t a Faraday cage at all, and literally does nothing but cost a lot of money.


  1. If you’re not familiar with the completely unfounded conspiracy theories related to 5G cellular networking, consider yourself lucky. In sort, people think 5G causes COVID-19, or cancer, or other problems. As an intelligent person with impeccable taste in websites, you no doubt recognize this as utter nonsense. ↩︎