It’s Hitmen All the Way Down 

Very clever, hitmen, very clever!

I regularly see stories in the news of attempted murders-for-hire being foiled because the supposed hitman reports the matter to the police, or is in fact an actual cop working undercover. When I read these stories, I frequently find myself shocked at just how little people think an assassination might cost. A $1500 price tag should really be a red flag! On a similarly dumb note, the honeytrap website has been discussed multiple times. Its continued existence is both depressing and amusing.

With how often I hear about attempted assassinations, and how rarely I hear about successful ones, I’ve even considered the possibility that there are no assassins outside of Hollywood movies and the pages of fiction. t appears that is not actually the case, at least not if we go global. In China, a collection of ever-cheaper hitmen kept farming out a job, in ridiculous fashion.

Still, I suppose none of these criminals actually did commit a murder for money. I guess we still don’t have any proof assassins are real.