J&J Can’t Catch a Break

It's a shame to lose 10 million doses, but this option may be worse.

Let’s recap a few things when it comes to COVID-19 vaccines, and the Johnson & Johnson vaccine in particular:

  • Many people are worried about the COVID-19 vaccines, period, and hesitant to get them.

  • People are also worried about the Johnson and Johnson COVID-19 vaccine specifically, due to both its slightly lower efficacy numbers, and the temporary pause which was implemented back in April.

  • Further, previously reported problems with the Emergent Biosolutions factory in Baltimore have given reason to be wary of recent doses of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

With that in mind, here’s a ridiculous plan (emphasis added):

About 60 million doses of Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine that were produced at a troubled factory in Baltimore will have to be thrown out, the Food and Drug Administration announced Friday. The FDA determined that the tens of millions of vaccine doses that were produced at the factory, operated by Emergent BioSolutions, were possibly contaminated, The New York Times reports. The FDA will, however, reportedly allow 10 million vaccine doses to still be distributed with warning labels noting that regulators can’t guarantee that Emergent “followed good manufacturing practices,” the Times reports.

Just throw these doses out! By mixing these dubious doses in with J&J doses that are not so labeled, the entire supply becomes questionable. As a patient, who would want that risk? No one should have to worry that they’re receiving a dose that “might not have followed good manufacturing practices”.