Joe Mande’s Pandemic Hats 

It's very difficult to pick a favorite. Maybe “Mad Cow Disease”?

In 2020, much of the world was locked down due to the COVID pandemic. For some reason, many, many people baked sourdough bread. Comedian Joe Mande went a different route. He started custom embroidering random words and phrases onto baseball caps. They’re tremendous. From multiple caps supporting “Tacos” to classing up a Miller Lite hat into “Literature”, each work is a wonderful bit of ridiculousness.

A large collection of custom hats
[Photo credit: Joe Mande]

Back in January, Uni Watch interviewed Mande about his work. It’s a great read, and it includes a slew of great pictures.

A sadly non-custom-embroidered hat tip is due to friend-of-the-site John M., who pointed me to this story.

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