Great Work, Canon 

DRM on printers has always been a lousy idea, but this is especially ridiculous.

Many printers use DRM in an attempt to scare users away from using less expensive replacement ink cartridges made by third parties. If a printer doesn’t recognize a cartridge as being an official product from the manufacturer, it may warn the user or even refuse to work at all. Though framed by the printer makers as a protective measure for the user, it is of course quite hostile to the customer.

Now, however, Canon has been forced to help customers work around the company’s warnings.

Instructions on Canon’s official website outline how and why to ignore warnings that were previously in place to forbid customers from using non-Canon ink.

That’s because the global chip shortage has led to Canon shipping official ink cartridges that lack the hardware used to convince the printers they’re legitimate. They’re left with a rather ridiculous mess, and it’s entirely of their own making.